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3:31 minutes.


Amazing Grace
Independent project, 2013

This is a video I did to go with the first digital recording I ever made on my desktop PC.

3:51 minutes.


Demo Reel 2002
Independent project, 2002

This reel shows samples of my work up to 2002.

3:40 minutes.


Dragon's Peak
Independent project, 1999

A knight's greed gets him in trouble with the denizens of Dragon's Peak.

3:40 minutes.


Norton Utilities Tour
Symantec Corporation, 1997

A graphical tour of Norton Utilities 3.0, and its suite of tools to help a PC run smoothly and trouble-free.

2:04 minutes.

About Viruses
Symantec Corporation, 1996

Informational video explaining the concept of a computer virus.

0:52 minutes.

PC Handyman Intro
Symantec Corporation, 1996

Intro video to PC Handyman product.

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